brain and adrenal function

The Impact of Your Brain on Adrenal Function

Our brain play an important part in our response to stress. Learn how brain affects the function of adrenal glands and contributes to the development of adrenal fatigue.

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The Balanced Dance of Cortisol and Melatonin

The balance between the hormones cortisol and melatonin is critical for normal functioning of the body. Learn what happens when these hormones are disrupted and how you can bring them back into their natural rhythms.

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cortisol chemical formula

Understanding Cortisol and the Circadian Rhythm

One of the most confusing aspects of dealing with fatigue is the way in which energy levels rise and fall throughout each day. Learn the underlying causes for this phenomenon, so you can better manage your body’s natural rhythms.

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Cortisol, Your Adrenals, and the War on Stress

The hormone cortisol plays an important part in human body. Learn about the different ways cortisol protects you from harm and how cortisol imbalances can be damaging to your health.

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stressors that inhibit recovery

Stressors That Can Inhibit Adrenal Recovery

Adrenal fatigue patients often spend years working to heal their damaged adrenal glands and regain the good health they have lost. Throughout that period, they often suffer setbacks to their efforts. Those setbacks can be extremely frustrating, especially for patients who have done their best to stick to their recovery plans. What many often fail to consider is that there are a whole host of issues that can exert unexpected pressure on the adrenals and thereby slow down or stall the progress these patients need.

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dealing with stress

Dealing With Stress And Tiredness

Chronically stressed people become tired because of the effect of stress on their adrenal glands. However, there are some useful relaxation techniques, exercises and foods that will help you manage stress and ease your fatigue.

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Stress And Tiredness

If you are under stress for a long while, your adrenals may eventually become exhausted and you’ll likely suffer from fatigue. By learning how to deal with stressful events and manage stress, you will start your way towards regaining your health and energy.

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