multiple sclerosis

MS: The Relationship between Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue

For millions of men and women around the world, the disease known as multiple sclerosis is nothing short of a mortal enemy. In addition to pain and depression, the fatigue that this condition brings with it can devastate any patient’s quality of life.

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menstruation pain

Running on Empty: Fatigue and the Menstrual Cycle

Exhaustion during the menstrual cycle can be a frustrating experience for many women, especially when it recurs each and every month. For those women, the fatigue can make their periods even more of a chore than usual.

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Menopause, Life Changes, and the Problem of Fatigue

Though there are many things for women to agonize over during menopause, few things are more disruptive than the exhaustion they experience. In fact, fatigue is often the symptom that most affects a menopausal woman’s life.

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Perimenopause and the Agony of Crashing Fatigue

While most women associate menopause with symptoms like fatigue, many are often surprised to find that this sort of exhaustion can begin years before menopause technically starts. Throughout that period of pre-menopausal change – better known as perimenopause – fatigue can become a seriously disruptive problem.

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pregnant woman

Fatigue and the Joy of Pregnancy

Though fatigue is a symptom that can plague anyone at almost any point in life, women often seem to be particularly susceptible to its effects. In fact, there is one area in life where women are uniquely vulnerable to extreme exhaustion: pregnancy.

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Sugar Addiction: The Sweet Mystery Fatigue Factor

One of the most common experiences for people suffering from various forms of fatigue is the recurring craving for sugar and sugary foods and drinks. While these cravings are often symptomatic of fatigue, an underlying sugar addiction can actually be a major factor in making you tired in the first place.

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woman with yeast infection

Candida – Is Yeast Causing Your Fatigue Problems?

If you’re suffering from an overgrowth of the yeast known as Candida, chances are that you might also be experiencing a high level of fatigue as well. That makes sense, since the two often go hand-in-hand.

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abdominal pain

Leaky Gut Syndrome Can Play a Powerful Role in Your Fatigue

For many of the millions of people around the world who suffer from conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, the cause of the ailment can often be a mystery. New research suggests, however, that many of those cases may have some relation to a bowel condition known as leaky gut syndrome.

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thyroid pain

Are Thyroid Disorders Causing Your Fatigue?

If you’re been led to believe that your adrenals are the only thing that can cause severe ongoing fatigue, think again. The fact is that you may be suffering from hypothyroidism – one of the more common thyroid disorders in the world today.

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chronic fatigue syndrome sign

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Do You Have CFS?

If you suffer from exhaustion that lacks any discernible medical cause, your search for answers may be at an end. There’s a good chance you are one of the millions of people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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