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Are These Common Problem Foods The Real Source of Your Fatigue?

Often times, it can be difficult to track down the exact cause of your fatigue. As a result of that difficulty, many people simply grow accustomed to being exhausted all the time, believing that medical science has no answers for their questions. But what if the real source of your fatigue was as simple as the food you eat?

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Sugar Addiction: The Sweet Mystery Fatigue Factor

One of the most common experiences for people suffering from various forms of fatigue is the recurring craving for sugar and sugary foods and drinks. While these cravings are often symptomatic of fatigue, an underlying sugar addiction can actually be a major factor in making you tired in the first place.

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Hypoglycemia And Tiredness

Hypoglycemia can be a cause of fatigue. Find out why understanding the role of sugar and insulin in the body is crucial for anybody who suffers from frequent tiredness.

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