Before we continue, let’s make sure you are the person I want to talk to. I’m going to tell you how tiredness affected my life. Please, read this, because only if you are heaving similar problems, do I know I can help you. So, here’s my…

Life with tiredness…

In the mornings an alarm clock woke me up. I hated that alarm clock. I was always tired and groggy and I didn’t want to get out of bed. So, I hit the snooze button a couple of times, but I knew I had to get up eventually. In the end, I somehow managed to crawl out of bed and head for the bathroom… I really hated my mornings.

But it didn’t get much better after that. My morning tiredness just stayed with me throughout the day. When I got to work, the first thing I did was drink two cups of coffee – one was never enough. But even after that, I had problems focusing on what I needed to do. My mind was just sort of wandering around. I stared at my computer screen, zombie-like, but wasn’t able to get any real work done.

And it wasn’t just work. I lost my interest in more or less everything – I’ve forgotten the hobbies that I used to have, I was never able to find the time (or the energy) to go out with my friends and I even started neglecting my family… I really didn’t feel like doing anything apart from sleeping.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t have the energy to accomplish anything – all I did was eat, drink and work poorly.


That’s no way to live a life and I knew that. But, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if there was anything I could do. Sleeping didn’t help me, neither did coffee. I even tried some so-called ‘energy pills’, but they turned out to be nothing more than caffeine and vitamin mix and they didn’t do anything for me.

I went to the doctor and he seemed to know even less about this condition than I did. “There’s nothing wrong with you”, he said. “Maybe you work too hard. Or it could be a mild case of depression.” That sure didn’t help me. I worked the same as others and I wasn’t depressed. But you know what, I was unhappy about the way I lived my life. Who wouldn’t be – I was constantly tired and didn’t have the energy to do anything that really meant something to me.


OK, I think that’s enough about that. I’m sure you get the picture. What I really wanted to tell you is this: If you are having similar problems, you shouldn’t despair – I was able to overcome them and I’m sure so can you. All you need is someone to tell you how. It’s that simple.

That was my life with tiredness. But now, things have really changed for me. So, this is my…

Life without tiredness…

Now, I wake up by myself each morning – I don’t even need the alarm clock anymore. I wake up at the same time each day and I feel great. No tiredness at all. I am full of energy and I get up without a problem. I even eat breakfast as getting up that half an hour earlier is not a problem anymore. I don’t hate my mornings anymore. They’ve actually become my favorite time of day.

At work, others are piling around the coffee machine, red-eyed and yawning, but I don’t need to. I just don’t feel tired. I finish my tasks easily and, since I no longer have any problems concentrating, I do it better and faster. It just seems like tiredness is no longer holding me back. It’s great.

At home, I don’t just crash down in front of a TV like I used to. I still have enough energy, so I can do whatever I want. You know - go to the movies, play with the kids, go for a walk, read, shoot pool… And in the evenings, I can go out with my friends, which is another thing that I couldn’t get myself to do before. Now, I don’t need as much sleep, so if I want to, I can stay out late and still feel good and full of energy the next day.

You know what; this is what life should be like. Now, it’s me who have the control over my life and that’s the way it should be.

How to win the battle with tiredness?

That’s what I kept asking myself. I’ve tried to find the solution (same as you are doing now). I’ve bought a pile of books, researched the internet, read through a stack of articles and scientific studies… I’ve learned a lot, but I wasn’t able to make any real progress.

But this changed when I met Tina Hagen. She is a tiredness expert - the only real expert on tiredness I was able to find. I’ve read some books that offered advice on how to overcome tiredness, but nothing really worked. I needed something practical, something that was easy to use and showed real results. And that’s exactly what I got from Tina Hagen.

The most important thing that I learned was that I must stop treating the symptoms of tiredness. I know that a couple of cups of coffee can help you get through the day, but you’re not doing anything about your condition. Not really. All you’re doing is hiding the symptoms of tiredness. What you should be doing is this: Find out why you feel tired and then do something about it. Doesn’t that make sense?

That’s what Tina Hagen helped me to achieve. I’ve found out that there are a number of simple, everyday things that I’m doing that are causing my tiredness. Let’s take sleep for example. I was sleeping for 10 hours or more each day, but I still woke up feeling tired. Isn’t it obvious that I was doing something wrong? A lot of times I woke up feeling even more tired than I was when I went to bed.

I talked to Tina about this and to my surprise I realized that I’m a grown man who doesn’t know how to sleep. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the way it was. And it’s not just me. Most people don’t know how to sleep correctly. So, they wake up tired and groggy no matter how much they sleep.

Tina showed me how sleep actually works. I learned about the sleep cycles, different stages of sleep… and more importantly, I learned how to use this knowledge. As a result, I am now able to sleep less and feel more rested. Just imagine how great that is, waking in the morning and feeling energetic. And as a bonus, I also gained some free time (you see, I spend less than half the time in bed than I used to).

And sleep is just one thing that I was doing wrong. There are many other things – things that all of us are doing each day that are causing us to feel tired. But since we don’t know about them, there’s nothing we can do.

Do you want more examples? No problem...

...I’ve also learned that our body has an in-build mechanism that produces energy. I can now take control over it and increase the amount of energy that I have. And I’ve learned about a certain hormone in our bodies that controls whether we feel tired or alert. There are simple techniques I can use to control the level of this hormone. So, if I start feeling tired, I now know what to do. I’ve learned about food. There are 4 basic substances that your body needs and if you don’t get them, you feel tired. Did you know that? Well, I didn’t. But now that I know this, it’s easy to make sure I get everything I need – without any pills or special diet... And just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about fighting tiredness, Tina would have some new information for me. Something else I could do, some new technique I could use…

OK, I know what you’re thinking: This all sounds very complicated. Sleep cycles and hormones and energy production mechanisms… But don’t worry. It’s really easy. You don’t really need to know all of this. You just need to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t and then fighting tiredness becomes easy. You’ll see.

Now, let’s talk about you…

So far I was talking about me. About how my life has changed. But, that’s not why you’re reading this, is it? You’re reading this because you want your life to change. You want to get rid of tiredness yourself. So, let’s talk about that.

Millions of people in the world suffer from tiredness and it would be impossible for Tina to talk to all of them. But her knowledge is exactly what people need and they can’t find it anywhere (I should know, I looked).

Now here’s the good news. I was able to convince Tina to create a step-by-step program that everyone can use by themselves. I am (sort of) a writer and I offered to help her, so together we’ve created the End Tiredness Program.

The test...

The truth is, Tina was a bit skeptical at first. She was, after all, putting her reputation on the line. She knew she can help people when she sees them face to face, but she was not sure if a use-it-yourself program can be so effective. She insisted we test it before we make it public. So, we did and here’s how.

We needed volunteers, so we’ve put an ad in the local paper; looking for people who have problems with tiredness. Since we wanted to see if this will work for everyone, we accepted everybody who has answered the ad.

And the results...

In the first two weeks:

98% of volunteers reported an increase in their energy levels
- 81% reported high increase
- 17% reported moderate increase

90% said they have no troubles getting up in the morning (at the beginning of the study a staggering 94% said that they have troubles getting out of bed in the morning)

72% said they feel healthier

87% said that they are able to think more clearly

After one month:

• Volunteers slept (on average) 1 hour and 28 minutes less than before

96% of volunteers said that they no longer have any problems with tiredness!

*(A study group consisted of 53 volunteers - they all reported having troubles with tiredness before the beginning of a study.)

We were both trilled by these results. Clearly, the program works. So, we made it available to the public and now you can use it too. But first, let’s make one thing clear.

Let’s be honest – Will this knowledge really allow everybody to stop feeling tired – once and for all?

Well, the answer is "No"…

Let's be realistic here. While this will most likely work for you, some people are feeling tired because of a medical condition. To put it another way: if the End Tiredness Program isn’t working for you, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

But don’t worry. Our tests have proven that the End Tiredness Program works for 96% of people – so it will probably work for you too.

Can I guarantee that this will work for you?

Now the last thing I want to do is take advantage of you. I was exactly where you are now and I know how you feel. That is why Tina and I agreed upon this:

If you’re not completely satisfied with the program, no matter what the reason is, we will refund your purchase – no questions asked. This is our personal promise. If you’re not happy, you will get 100% of your money back.

So even if you would just like to test-drive the End Tiredness Program, you can - risk free. Give it a try; you are under no obligation to keep it.

We offer this guarantee for a full 8 weeks (56 days) – don’t worry, you will see that the program works much sooner than that.

The End Tiredness Program comes in a .pdf format, which means you can read it on any computer, yours too.

So, here's what you do: Click here and get your own copy of the program. It’s easy – you can download the program to your computer in just a couple of minutes. Don’t worry if you have never downloaded an e-book before; we'll take you through it step-by-step.


If you’re still not convinced that our program can help you get rid of tiredness for good, maybe you should read what others, who have already tried it, have to say:

Wow, this program really works and more. For years I felt tired all the time, but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me … Now I have so much energy … it is so simple… I even sleep 2 hours less than before…

Sally Lester, 32, Wolverhampton, UK

...I thought something was wrong with me. My husband couldn't understand how I could sleep for 9 hours and still feel tired all the time. Now, I know what I've been doing wrong...

Anna Florey, Bloomington, IL

I’ve bought your programme about two months ago and it has helped me get over tiredness, which was a really big problem for me. I’m writing this just to say thank you and to let you know that what you’re doing really is making a difference. I know that you have requested some info on how things are going, so you could improve the programme. So here it is:

I was suffering from what I call chronic tiredness for a very long time. It would be difficult for me to say exactly when it all started, as it didn’t just happen overnight, but I was constantly tired for at least four years, probably closer to five.

I wanted to do something about my condition, (I needed to do something), but I didn’t know where to turn to. The doctors didn’t find anything wrong with me, so they diagnosed me with a chronic fatigue. That would be great if there were something they could do about it, but there wasn’t.

So, I turned to the internet for answers. I found a lot of health pages offering no real advice and a lot of forums offering bad advices and I also found your page.

Now, I have to be honest here, when I’ve read your page, I wasn’t convinced. You talk about techniques that will help me get rid of tiredness. Ok, that sounds good, but if there is such an easy way to get rid of tiredness, why don’t we all know about it? Or at least the doctors?

What actually convinced me to give it a try was your money-back-guarantee. And, of course, the fact that my whole life was controlled by tiredness. I didn’t really have a choice, I had to do something.

So, I got your programme. I was afraid you were offering some sort of new-age ‘put a crystal on your head and chant’ kind of solution, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it’s all pretty much based on science.

I’ve read the whole thing in one sitting and I was able to see the mistakes I was doing right away. Now, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t really that impressed at first. Sure, there was a lot of things that I could do (and I mean A LOT) but it just didn’t seem to me that they would make much of a difference. I guess I was, in a way, expecting something more ‘magical’. You know, a miracle cure of a sort, but it was all so down to earth.

Well anyway, I’ve decided to give it a go. And so I’ve began.

[This part of a message is deleted, because it describes the End Tiredness Program.]

Well, the first results really weren’t that drastic. I was still tired after a week, but I was tired a bit less than before. So I’ve decided to continue. Now, after two weeks things really started looking up. I started feeling much better, I had a lot more energy and life just got a lot better.

It was, in a way, kind a hard to believe that your programme could make such a difference. Because, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t doing everything you’ve suggested. I’ve just kind of pick and choose the things that I thought could make the biggest difference.

Anyway, I’m now ‘on the programme’ for about two months and I have to tell you, it really has turned my life around. It’s hard for someone who’s never been tired to understand how it is to life your life without energy for… well anything. So, again I must thank you and if you have any more questions, just let me know. I would be glad to help out by sharing my experiences with you.

Carl Mertens

I am a student with a part time job and I do most of my studying at night. Obviously, I didn’t get enough sleep, so I was tired, more or less, all the time. The program really has helped me ‘end tiredness’ :-). Also, I have noticed that I am able to stay concentrated on a problem for much longer, even if it’s really late (like 3 am). All in all, thank you for a great course.

Keith Fayolle, 22

Great program! I've bought it 8 months ago and I have so much more energy than before that I can hardly stay still. I am always active and around... thank you for your amazing program. I promise that I will keep you updated on my progress.

Jennifer Wilkes, Georgetown, DE

I would like to thank you for answering very quickly to my question. I now really understand why it is so important to always . This is the first book I've bought through the internet. I am feeling much less tired now even though I still didn't use all of the advices in the book.

Alicja Skowronska, Gdansk, Poland

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