What to do about constant tiredness?

If you looked through most common medical causes of tiredness, but were unable to find a condition responsible for you always feeling tired, than you should know that we didn't cover all the possible medical causes of tiredness – not nearly. Tiredness is probably the most common medical symptom and is present at almost every disease – from common cold to cancer. Most conditions, however, are accompanied by other, more distinct symptoms, so patients usually focus on them and not on tiredness.

So, if you're suffering from tiredness, but still don't know why, you shouldn't panic. Most likely there is nothing medically wrong with you. In all the years that I've been helping people overcome tiredness, I have learned that tiredness is usually not a result of a medical condition. Most people are tired simply because they are doing something wrong. I will not go into that here since I've already covered this topic in great detail in the End Tiredness Program.


On the other hand, you shouldn't dismiss tiredness either. Even if there is nothing medically wrong with you at the moment, long-drawn-out tiredness can lead to all sorts of complications. Everything from heart disease, incontinence, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and complicated pregnancy can be a result of tiredness that goes untreated. In the end, it can even lead to a complete immune system break-down.

So, I urge you to do something. If you're tired, find out why. Go see a doctor and explain about your condition. Don't let him dismiss you – a lot of doctors don't take tiredness nearly as seriously as they should. And another thing, stay positive. I've seen a lot of people despair. Don't do that. Don't just accept the fact that you are going to spend the rest of your life tired. You don't have to. I have witnessed hundreds of people overcome tiredness even after doctors told them, there's nothing they could do. If you don't give up, I'm sure you too can enjoy a full and energetic life.