"Discover the simple techniques PROVEN to
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From: Tina Hagen
Date: Friday, 11.43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Are you FED UP with always feeling tired?

>> You DRAG yourself out of bed each and every morning, then feel drowsy and lethargic all day, no matter HOW much sleep you get at night (and often it's 10 hours or more!).

You struggle to concentrate at work, but by mid-afternoon, all you want to do is put your head down on your desk and sleep.

>> You find yourself constantly procrastinating because you lack the energy to perform even the simplest daily chores, like cook a meal or make your bed.
>> You feel depressed and hopeless because you've felt tired each and every day for YEARS, yet you've never known why (and worse, you've never known what to do about it).
>> You have so little energy, you can't even enjoy spending time with your family or your friends.

If any of this sounds like you, I urge you to study this page very carefully...

Because I'm about to show you a simple and natural method for fine-tuning your body's natural sleep system, so you can STOP the cycle of exhaustion, lethargy, and hopelessness once and for all!

"Picture literally JUMPING out of bed each morning,
excited to get started on a day FULL of fun and activity!"

Imagine waking up every morning feeling GREAT! No, make that FANTASTIC!

You leap out of bed early (no alarm clock necessary!) feeling completely rested and FULL of energy...

... and can't WAIT to get started on your day.

You have NO trouble concentrating for long periods of time, so you're able to focus on work or other tasks with ease.

Best of all, because you're actually sleeping up to 1 1/2 hours a night LESS, you have more time than EVER to entertain your friends, and enjoy quality time with your family.

You feel healthier than you have in YEARS, and your friends are telling you that you've NEVER looked better!

Sound like an impossible dream?

Let me show you just how easily a life like this can become reality!

"I've spent YEARS treating people who suffer from
the pain and depression of constant tiredness ...

... and I'm pretty sure that I can help YOU, too!"

Hello, my name is Tina Hagen, and I'm a professional sleep researcher.

I'm also a health counselor and a published health journalist (so, you may already know me from my articles). I'm also an expert author in the fields of tiredness and sleep on EzineArticles.com.

And I know EXACTLY what you're going through!

See, as a health counselor, I've spent YEARS working with people suffering from chronic tiredness.

And for years I've listened to their stories...

... I know about the frustration, the depression, the hopelessness, and worse, the guilt, of not being able to lead a full and active life because of being constantly tired.

(If YOU are feeling guilty because you don't have the energy to spend time with your family, or accomplish the things others do, let me make on thing clear: it's NOT your fault!)

I've ALSO seen all of the crazy gimmicks and "quack" science my clients have resorted to in a desperate attempt to feel better... from medicines with potentially risky side effects, to useless (and harmful) stimulants!

* Warning! *

"Stimulants can only provide a temporary solution to your constant tiredness...

... and will ultimately make you MORE tired!"

If you rely on stimulants, like caffeine or energy drinks, to make yourself feel awake and alert, there's something you should know...

They can actually make your problem worse!

For example, did you know that too much coffee can cause a deficiency in Vitamin B and iron, which can leave you feeling constantly tired?

But worse, by taking stimulants, you temporarily mask your tiredness, but you do nothing to CURE it...

... so you continually push your body, and get more and more tired all the time!

After hearing these stories of frustration from good people who were literally at their wits end, unable to function normally because they always felt exhausted, but never knew why...

... and seeing them waste all of their hard-earned money, and risk their health, on so-called "cures" that were no help at all..

... I decided to try to DO something to help their constant tiredness myself!

"I spent countless hours studying hundreds of books
to try to find the answer to constant tiredness...

... and what I discovered about how we sleep amazed me!"

So I set out to learn as much as I could about chronic tiredness...

I read hundreds of books, scientific manuals, and research studies... talked to dozens of experts... and attended countless symposiums and lectures.

And what I discovered is pretty amazing...

See, it turns out that while you sleep, your brain doesn't really rest -- it actually performs a number of complex tasks!

And in order for your brain to perform those tasks, it divides your sleep into 5 different stages. All 5 stages together are considered one sleep cycle. Each cycle lasts approximately 60-120 minutes depending on the person (it's different for everyone).

Now here's the really important part...

If you wake up at the END of your natural sleep cycle, you'll feel rested and awake...

BUT... if you wake up BEFORE your natural sleep cycle has ended, your brain tries to get you to go back to sleep to complete the cycle.

The results?

You can barely get out of bed, and when you do finally drag yourself out, you feel tired, lifeless, and unable to concentrate all day!

"How I turned my sleep research into an easy and
effective solution that ENDS your constant tiredness...

... and lets you feel alive and healthy, once and for all!"

That got me thinking...

"If you could find a way to determine exactly how long your personal sleep cycle is -- then make sure you timed your sleep so you woke at the END of your natural cycle -- you should wake up every morning feeling alert, rested, and healthy!"

So I decided to focus my research on creating a custom system that would let you determine exactly how long your sleep cycle is...

... and then get the amount of sleep that is just right for YOU!

My friend Peter -- who for years suffered with constant tiredness -- became my associate (and guinea pig!) and together, through months of trial and error experiments, we finally found a system that seemed to work.

For the first time in years, Peter said he felt healthy, rested, and focused, and no longer suffered from any of the effects of tiredness he was used to!

And so I was ready for clinical trials...

I enlisted the help of 58 volunteers -- people just like YOU who were having trouble with constant tiredness, total lack of energy, and who were unable to concentrate -- and asked them to follow the system I developed with Peter's help.

They carefully followed the system I laid out, and after just one month, 96% said they NO LONGER FELT TIRED!


"96% of the patients who took part in my clinical trials
gratefully reported that they no longer felt tired!"

Here the full results of my clinical study. I think you'll agree that they speak for themselves...

After following my system for two weeks:

98% reported a moderate to high increase in energy levels
90% reported having NO trouble getting up in the morning
72% reported feeling healthier
87% reported being able to think more clearly

After following my system form just one month:

96% reported no longer having any problems with tiredness!
AND volunteers slept, on average, 1 hour and 28 minutes per night LESS!

Once I finished compiling the results of my month-long study, and analyzing the data, I knew I'd come up with a custom system to stop tiredness that really worked...

And best of all, there were NO medications... NO stimulants... NO "herbal" remedies... NO self-hypnosis...

... and no gimmicks, risky procedures, or unpleasant side-effects of any kind.

Just an easy-to-follow custom system that allows you to work with your body's natural cycle to wake up refreshed and rested every morning.

And that's when I decided to put my system on paper, and make it available to ANYONE who is feeling helpless, depressed, or anxious because they always felt tired and couldn't do anything about it.

"Read stories of people like YOU who are now feeling
alert, awake, and energetic since starting my program"

My system has been available for just a few months now, and already it's helping people around the world who are feeling any of the negative effects of being constantly tired.

Here a just a few of their stories:

"She feels more rested and energetic
than she has in many YEARS...

... AND she sleeps two hours a night LESS!"

Wow, this program really works and more!

For years I felt tired all the time, but doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me … Now I have so much energy … it is so simple… I even sleep 2 hours less than before…

Sally Lester
Wolverhampton, UK

"She finally understands why she was always
feeling tired for all these years...

... even though she slept 9 hours a night!"

...I thought something was wrong with me. My husband couldn't understand how I could sleep for 9 hours and still feel tired all the time. Now, I know what I've been doing wrong...

Anna Florey
Bloomington, IL

"He's now able to concentrate on his schoolwork,
even when he's working until 3 a.m.!"

I am a student with a part time job and I do most of my studying at night. Obviously, I didn’t get enough sleep, so I was tired, more or less, all the time. The program really has helped me ‘end tiredness’ :-).

Also, I have noticed that I am able to stay concentrated on a problem for much longer, even if it’s really late (like 3 am). All in all, thank you for a great course.

Keith Fayolle, 22

"Now she's having trouble staying STILL,
she has so much MORE energy!"

Great program! I've bought it 8 months ago and I have SO much more energy than before that I can hardly stay still. I am always active and around... thank you for your amazing program. I promise that I will keep you updated on my progress.

Jennifer Wilkes
Georgetown, DE

"Here's everything that you'll get when you
claim your copy of the sleep program"

I call my system the "End Tiredness Program," and it's a 144-page eBook that walks you, step-by-step, through the exact process you need to follow to wake up each and every morning feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and excited to get started with your day!

In easy-to-understand language -- complete with charts and graphs -- I show you how to calculate how long YOUR natural sleep cycle is...

... and then learn how to time your sleep to wake up at the end of the cycle (but before a new one starts!).

It even includes your own personal sleep log, to help you simply calculate your sleep cycle, so you can be sure that you're getting the system that is perfect for YOU.

But that's not all...

... because along the way, I give you plenty of tips and pointers for how to get the most restful sleep imaginable -- night after night!

You'll discover...

The ONE thing you must NEVER do when you feel tired. If you're doing this already, I'll show you why you must STOP right away!

How you can quickly and easily take control of your body's internal "power plant" to increase the amount of energy you produce every day!

The four simple and natural substances your body NEEDS for energy. Miss just one of these, and you risk feeling constantly tired.

How you can feel more alert automatically, just by controlling this one hormone your body contains. I'll show you five different ways you can moderate the levels naturally.

Eight simple tricks you can start using TODAY to increase your body's overall energy level.
How you can throw away your alarm clock and wake up easily EVERY morning, using this tested and proven method.
The three common habits that could literally be sucking the energy from your system RIGHT NOW!
How this special kind of nap can help you feel even more alert during the day. (WARNING: Certain types of naps can actually make you feel MORE tired!)
Three simple techniques for switching your brain into ‘sleep mode’. No matter HOW stressful or hectic your day was, you'll drift off to sleep right away when you use these tips.

The eleven steps you should take to guarantee your brain works at its most efficient, allowing you to stay focused and alert all day -- and long into the night!

... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

"Can you afford to let your health continue to
suffer for even one minute longer...

... when you could start feeling awake, alert and
completely refreshed by this time tomorrow?"

Can you even begin to calculate what it would be worth to you to reclaim your life from the pain of constant tiredness?

To be able to focus at work... to get out of bed each morning without struggling... to no longer suffer from a lack of energy... to have the motivation to once more do the things you LOVE in life.

And how much is it worth to literally have 1 1/2 hours a DAY of EXTRA time -- because you're sleeping LESS!

If you came to see me for individual counseling in my office, you could expect to pay up to $670 for me to help you end tiredness...

... But because I developed this system after seeing too many good people suffering needlessly, I want to make sure EVERYONE who wants one can afford to get it -- so I'm making my entire program available today for the low price of just $47.

* WAIT! *

"For a limited time, I'm adding 3 super bonuses (worth $458.90) when you claim your copy of the program"

But because I want to make 100% CERTAIN that your life is FREE of tiredness forever, I also want you to have 3 special bonuses that I've put together for you!

If you had to purchase them, they'd set you back $458.90, but I'm giving them to you for FREE -- but ONLY if you claim your copy of the "End Tiredness Program" within the next three days.

(If you decide to wait, and find they're no longer available when you come back, I'm afraid I won't be able to do anything about it.)


"Unlimited personal EXPERT consultation
provided by a trained counselor!"

(A $399 value; yours FREE!)

While the "End Tiredness Program" is easy to follow on your own, I'll ALSO be right there to go through the program with you!

So if you have any problems, any questions, or there's anything you don't understand, you just have to send me an email...

... and you'll get personal, detailed help, usually within 12 hours.

Just one session of individual counseling would cost you over $100, but when you claim the program, you'll receive all of the benefits of personal counseling for FREE!


"Guarantee your next holiday or business trip
is a productive and pleasurable experience...

... by completely AVOIDING jet lag!"

(A $39.95 value; yours FREE!)

Don't let the overwhelming tiredness and lack of energy that comes with jet lag ruin YOUR next holiday or business trip!

In this special, 11-page eBook, I give you dozens of tips for avoiding jet lag on your next trip, so you can arrive feeling as alert and fresh as when you left.

You'll discover...

The one thing you can do a full WEEK before your trip that will keep you from feeling exhausted after your flight.
Eight proven tricks to fight the unpleasant effects of jet lag BEFORE you start to feel them!
The four things you MUST do immediately after your plane lands, in order to be alert for the rest of your trip.

... And that's just for starters!


"Manage changes in your work hours so that you always arrive at work feeling rested and alert...

... no matter WHAT time of day (or night) it is!"

(A $19.95 value; yours FREE!)

If you're a shift worker, you know that adjusting to your unconventional sleep and work patterns can be your biggest challenge.

In this 13-page report, I'll show you dozens of simple strategies you can use to make adjusting to changing work hours as smooth and comfortable as possible.

I'll show you...

Eleven "foolproof" tricks you can use to stay alert and safe on the job -- no matter WHAT time of day (or night!) it is
How to prepare your body for your irregular hours -- so you can sleep like a baby (even when it's a sunny Monday afternoon!)
The six things you MUST do at the end of your shift to make sure that you arrive home safely.

And much, MUCH more!

"Try out my system for as long as you want, and make sure
it really DOES work for you... without RISK!"

Now, I know you might be hesitating right now. After all, you've probably been promised all kinds of results by other people who claimed they could end your tiredness.

You may be thinking this is just another gimmick. Or that my promises sound too good to be true.

I recognize these are all valid concerns...

So I'd like you to try out this system, and PROVE TO YOURSELF that it really does work before you commit yourself...


If for ANY reason over the next two months, you decide that the "End Tiredness Program" is not for you, just let me know, and I'll give you all of your money back.

No questions asked... no hassles... no hard feelings...

You can't ask fairer than that, right?

"Claim YOUR copy in the next 5 minutes..."

If YOU are FED UP with being constantly tired, I urge you to claim your copy of my "End Tiredness Program " right away.

I've already done the hard work for you...

... the countless hours of research, the trial and error experiments, the clinical trials...

So now all you've got to do is enjoy feeling healthier, happier, more rested, and more alert than you have in a LONG time... possibly even YEARS!

You've got nothing to lose... and so MUCH to gain!

CLICK HERE to download YOUR copy of the "End Tiredness Program" in the next five minutes!

Best wishes,

Tina Hagen

P.S. If you don't claim your "End Tiredness Program" today, how WILL you start to enjoy a life free of exhaustion, lethargy, procrastination, and lack of focus?

What I'm offering here is an opportunity for you to solve your tiredness problem, once and for all!

And don't forget: When you claim your copy of "End Tiredness," I'll also send you the $458.90 in Super Bonuses (but they're only available for the next 3 days.)

Even better, if you decide "End Tiredness" isn't for you, you can send it back at ANY time, and I'll give you your money back. AND you can KEEP the bonuses!

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