frequently asked Affiliate questions

What exactly is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a person who promotes someone else's products in exchange for a commission.

When you become an affiliate for, you send traffic to our site through links on your website, blog or in your e-mail messages. When a person who came through your links buys our product, you receive your share of the sale.


Is it free to join your affiliate program?

Joining our affiliate program is absolutely free of charge.


What is your commission rate?

For every sale that you refer to us, you receive a generous 60% commission.


Out of all the people I send to your site, how many will buy?

Many affiliates that are just beginning are asking how many people do they have to send to us in order to make a sale.

Overall, 1 out of 82 visitors that come to our site buys our product. This, of course, is just the average number. Some affiliates are doing much better that than. But in order to have a higher conversion rate, you need to give our product a personal recommendation or post a description, highlighting the benefits of our program, on your website. This will dramatically increase your conversion rate, compared to just a link pointing to our website.

Last, but not least, your conversion rate will also depend on the kind of traffic that you send to us. You will receive a lot more conversions if you promote our product on a website that has information, relevant to our potential customers. That means that you will probably sell more our products if you have a health or a lifestyle-oriented website than if you have, for example, a website about dog training.


How do you know which customers came through my site?

For the tracking of orders we use a trusted third party solution, Clickbank. They record every time a customer clicks on your affiliate link. When a customer that you've referred purchases our product you get credited for the sale and receive a commission.


I have more than one web site. Can you track them separately but pay me with one commission payment?

Yes. You can have multiple websites under one affiliate account and use your affiliate links on all of them. If you want to know which of your sites was the one that is responsible for the sale, you can add a special parameter to the end of your affiliate link - for example:

This way you will be able to track where your conversions are comming from.


How do I know how much commission I've earned?

You can view your sales statistics online by login into your Clickbank affiliate account. All sales are reflected in your online account within 2 minutes of a successful purchase.


What happens if a visitor doesn't buy right away, but after a certain period of time?

If you send a visitor who doesn't buy immediately, but comes back to our site and purchases within 60 days, you still receive a full commission for that sale.


How and when will I get paid once I make a sale?

Affiliates get paid via checks or direct deposits (not all affiliates are eligible for direct deposits – see Clickbank’s Policy regarding direct deposits).

Affiliates receiving direct deposit can choose to receive weekly or bi-weekly payments. Other affiliates receive their checks bi-weekly. All affiliate payments are processed by Clickbank.


How do I end my affiliate relationship with you?

To end our relationship, all you have to do is remove your affiliate links.