Setting up affiliate links

To set up your links, follow the instructions on this page.


If you don’t set your links correctly, we won’t know which traffic came from your site, so you will not receive your commissions.

We recommend that you point your links directly to our sales letter, located at, not to our homepage.

Types of links

We offer 2 different kinds of linking for the promotion of the End Tiredness Program:

  1. Classic affiliate links (these links are encoded with tracking parameters)
  2. Clean links (basic links that don't have any redirects or query strings)

It's up to you to decide which links you are going to use. We recommend that you choose clean links as they have several advantages over the classic, affiliate links.

Using Clean Links

Benefits of clean linking

Tracking clean links

For the tracking of orders we use a trusted third party solution – ROIA Affiliate Tracking. Their clean linking technology allows you to link directly to any page in our domain from any page in yours and be assured that all traffic will be tracked.

Setting up clean links

Clean links are very easy to set up – it should take you no more than a couple of minutes. Here are full instructions on setting up clean links.

Using Classic Affiliate Links

For clean links to work, you will need your own website. So, if you’re going to promote the End Tiredness Program in e-mail messages, forums, pay-per-click or classified ads, you will have to use classic affiliate links.

These links contain tracking parameters, which enable us to track sales coming from your ads or e-mails. The drawback of these links is, of course, that people are able to see that they are affiliate links.

Here are full instructions on setting up classic affiliate links