Candida – Is Yeast Causing Your Fatigue Problems?

If you’re suffering from an overgrowth of the yeast known as Candida, chances are that you might also be experiencing a high level of fatigue as well. That makes sense, since the two often go hand-in-hand.

If you’re one of the millions who have experienced all the symptoms usually associated with adrenal fatigue, but have yet to see results from the treatments that are usually recommended for that condition, take heart. There is a good chance that there is something more to your problem than just weakened adrenals. In fact, there are a whole host of other ailments that can be involved any time your adrenals are weak – and a failure to address those other problems can sometimes make your adrenal recovery plan less effective than it should be.

Take, for example, the Candida yeast. When your bodily systems become unbalanced, it is possible for that yeast to grow uncontrollably. Most people associate that overgrowth with infections in the mouth or problems in the genitals, but it can also take place in the gut as well. And when it does, it can cause some serious difficulties.

What is Candida?

Candida is naturally-occurring yeast that is usually kept in balance by probiotics that also aid in the digestive process. The use of antibiotics and overconsumption of things like sugar can throw the natural balance off and leave this yeast the free rein it needs to grow. That occurs because antibiotics tend to target the good bacteria. Meanwhile, sugar is fuel for the bad bacteria. Regardless of which of these factors serves as the trigger for the overgrowth of yeast, the end result is the same: the good bacteria end up being overwhelmed by the bad, and infection soon follows.

This often leads to yeast infections, as well as other chronic ailments like inflammation, joint issues, digestive difficulties, allergies, and various mood or cognitive disruptions. People with weakened immune systems are at particular risk for these infections – but they can also occur in the bodies of people who are otherwise possessed of strong immune reactions.

How Does Candida Cause Fatigue?

Because any overgrowth of Candida can lead to infections, the body’s immune system can react in powerful ways. That can lead to sore or inflamed lymph nodes, as well as other inflammation. Muscle and joint pain is common, as is the feeling that you’re never actually getting the rest you need. Often times, these growths contribute to other ailments such as leaky gut syndrome, and end up further weakening the adrenal glands and other critical organs and systems. Eventually, these constant stresses wear on the body’s systems and lead to the type of energy crash that is usually associated with various forms of fatigue.

How Can You Treat The Problem?

When dealing with issues related to Candida, the main goal should be to get that bacteria back under control. This requires that you focus on the immune system to build it up so that it can better manage the problems related to the overgrowth. That requires some very specific dietary actions designed to cleanse the Candida and restore the balance of bacteria in your body.

Cleanse Toxins

This cleanse is based upon the notion that you can basically starve Candida by denying it the very foods it prefers as fuel for its growth. That includes eliminating things like sugar, cheese, yeast, and processed flour. These foods should be replaced with whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole grains. Many experts go one step further and recommend a low-carb diet that is also gluten-free – primarily because there is some evidence to suggest that many people who suffer from these issues also have sensitivities to gluten.

Reduce Stress

In addition to diet, it is important to actively work to reduce stress in every area of life. Stress actually enhances even minor fatigue episodes, by saturating the brain and organs with cortisol and adrenaline. By relieving stress or better managing your reaction to stressors, you can maintain better balance in your bodily systems and protect those vital systems.


Probiotics are obviously an essential component of any battle against harmful bacteria. There are a variety of options when it comes to these yeast-battling compounds, so be sure to include them in your dietary plan to supplement your body’s natural supply of beneficial bacteria as they work to restore the natural balance your guts need for sound health.

Now, for the most important part: if you follow a common sense strategy to deal with the bacterial overgrowth, and commit to the changes necessary for better health, results can be achieved in months. On average, this condition can usually be cleared up in six months or less, restoring you to better health and alleviating any fatigue the ailment was causing. By dealing with this issue directly, you will be one step closer to ending your fatigue problems once and for all.

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