ibs stomach pain

IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Its Effects on Fatigue

For the many millions of people who have to endure the effects of irritable bowel syndrome, the pain and discomfort associated with that condition are bad enough. Many, however, also have to deal with the extreme fatigue this condition often causes.

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Lupus Fatigue and Its Impact on Patients

A diagnosis of lupus used to be one of the most feared test results any patient could receive. It often meant a life filled with misery and fatigue, and even death. Today, patients can learn to manage both the condition and the fatigue that accompanies it.

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high blood pressure

Under Pressure: The Relationship between High Blood Pressure and Fatigue

Given that there are so many conditions associated with fatigue, it is no surprise that high blood pressure often goes unnoticed. It should receive more attention, however, given that it can not only make you tired but can result in serious and even life-threatening health consequences.

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low blood pressure

Low Blood Pressure and the Fatigue Conundrum

Where blood pressure is concerned, most of society’s emphasis is on what happens when that pressure gets too high. Hypertension is, after all, a major concern in much of the world. Hypotension – otherwise known as low blood pressure – receives much less attention, despite its clear impact on fatigue.

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psoriasis on arm

Psoriatic Arthritis and the Problem of Fatigue

Like other forms of arthritis, psoriatic arthritis affects more than just the joints of the human body. In addition to that pain and swelling, many psoriatic arthritis patients also experience severe fatigue.

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Beyond Pain: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fatigue

The term “rheumatoid arthritis” is most commonly associated with the joint pain, stiffness, and swelling experienced by most patients with the disease. What many people fail to understand is that fatigue is one of the most common symptoms as well.

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allergy and blowing nose

How Your Seasonal Allergies May be Causing Fatigue

For millions of people around the world, allergies can cause tremendous misery and discomfort. Allergens can not only provoke symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat, and watery eyes, but severe fatigue as well.

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cancer fatigue

The Rigors of Cancer-Related Fatigue

While there are many reasons for fatigue and many different types, there are several that stand out as particularly debilitating. Among those is the fatigue experienced by people suffering through the effects of cancer.

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vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency and Fatigue

Vitamin D is a nutrient that can be obtained from food or vitamin supplement, or produced by the human body after exposure to the sun. When the body lacks a sufficient quantity of this substance, a variety of harmful reactions can occur, including fatigue.

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post viral fatigue

As If the Virus Wasn’t Bad Enough… Post-Viral Fatigue!

Usually, when viruses strike, they make you sick for a while and then you recover. In some instances, however, there’s a lengthy period of time after the virus is gone when patients continue to suffer – from post-viral fatigue.

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