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How to Recover from Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a complex syndrome that can involve months of recovery time. Learn how you can get better with dietary changes, stress relief, supplements, adrenal cell extracts and more.

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The Many Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a chronic syndrome that afflicts millions of people throughout the world. Learn about the root causes of adrenal fatigue, so you can develop a solid plan for recovery.

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Treating Adrenal Fatigue With Replacement Hormones

When natural treatments for adrenal fatigue fail, many people turn to hormone replacement. Supplementing with adrenal hormones has both its pros as well as cons. Learn in which cases synthetic hormones are a good option and when it is best to stay away from hormone supplementation altogether.

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What is Pregnenolone Steal and Why is it Important for Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers?

Pregnenolone is one of the adrenal hormones. Fatigued people often suffer from the so-called pregnenolone steal syndrome. Learn why this happens, the signs of this syndrome and how to alleviate its effects.

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Depleted Adrenals and the Dangers of Low Cortisol

While elevated cortisol levels remain the focus of most people’s conversation, low cortisol is an equally critical concern. To avoid it, you should know its causes, effects, and symptoms – and then learn how to effectively treat it.

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The Adrenal Stress Index - Testing Cortisol Levels with the ASI

For fatigue sufferers, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate diagnosis. One solid test for measuring the performance of adrenal glands involves the use of the Adrenal Stress Index.

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How a Ketogenic Diet Can Help Manage Cortisol Levels

Fatigue patients often struggle with cortisol regulation. Learn how and why ketogenic diet is a solid option for managing cortisol and related adrenal hormones.

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What to Do When You Have Elevated Cortisol Levels

Many fatigue patients already understand on some level just how dangerous chronically high cortisol can be. Learn to get your hormones back under control through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.

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How Chronically Increased Cortisol Levels Can Occur and Why They’re Dangerous

Cortisol is a hormone, which plays an important part in your body's response to stress. Learn the signs of chronically high cortisol, so you can take steps towards normalizing the levels of this crucial hormone.

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The Impact of Your Brain on Adrenal Function

Our brain play an important part in our response to stress. Learn how brain affects the function of adrenal glands and contributes to the development of adrenal fatigue.

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